7 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in South Korea

South Korea is a fantastic tourist destination, and these are the best attractions. Put them on your itinerary, and don’t miss out. They will make your trip to South Korea an unforgettable experience.

The Republic of Korea has a long and fascinating history, wonderful culture, delicious food, and friendly people. The country also boasts an excellent tourism infrastructure, including a high-speed rail system. South Korea is a country of contrasts. It has beautiful tourist attractions that date back to the beginning of time. South Korea’s temples are known for their incredible history and beauty, such as Bulguksa Temple. These temples have been around for centuries. Located in the mountains, they have an incredible view from the top.

In addition to these ancient temples, South Korea also has modern skyscrapers, like the Lotte World Tower. This tower is a prime example of the country’s technology South Korea.

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Tourist Attractions in South Korea

If you’re planning a trip to South Korea, making an itinerary will be no easy feat! There are innumerable attractions and activities that you could include on your list of things to do. Depending on your interests, there will be some places that are non-negotiable.

Here are the top spots we recommend checking out :

1. N Seoul Tower

Seoul is one of the most visited cities in the world, and for good reason. No trip to Seoul is complete without a visit to N Seoul Tower. This landmark was built prior to the construction of any other tower-like tourist attraction. It sits at 236 meters tall, meaning that while you’re at the top, you’re at the second-highest point in the entire city.

The tower is a major tourist attraction, so be sure to set aside several hours for the trip. After you enter the tower, your first stop should be the observation decks. It’s one of the most popular places in the tower and offers a panoramic view of Seoul that makes for some great photos. While you are on the deck of your cruise ship, you will take a picture of the city, but do not forget to have your friend take a photo of you with the city behind you. This way, you can show your friends from home that you are actually there!

After you’ve checked out the observation deck, there’s a restaurant that is an observation deck in itself. This is a great place for your last meal in Seoul or a date. The view of the city from this restaurant is really special and it rotates around once an hour, so you can get to see the city from all angles.

2. Underwater Tomb of King Munmu

If you have time, take a day trip to the sea and visit the Underwater Tomb of King Munmu. He was a ruler that lived almost 1,500 years ago, and he is very important to Korean history because he unified three different kingdoms, merging their power into one.

Why is he underwater? You ask. It’s actually a really interesting story: King Munmu believed that if his tomb were submerged in the sea, he would be reincarnated as a dragon to protect his kingdom.

If you’re visiting Korea, you must see the Dragon’s Tomb. It’s a beautiful sight to see all year round, but particularly picturesque in the autumn months. If you see any dragons, tell us about them.

3. Lotte World

Downtown Seoul has a huge amusement park filled with fun rides, shops, and more. It’s a place to spend the day, participate in Korean culture, and unwind. Lotte World contains a hotel, movie theaters, a folk museum, ice skating rink, and lots more.

The fifth tallest building in the world, Lotte World Tower is also the tallest building in South Korea. It has multiple observation decks and experiences, its own luxury hotel, and a range of shopping and dining options. At the base of the tower is Lotte World, which is essentially a theme park.

We’ve already established that theme parks are fun for kids and adults alike. Aside from the rides and attractions, there’s a lot of shopping and also cultural performances to watch. The indoor theme park is the world’s largest. The outdoor theme park area is called Magic Island.

4. Gyeongbokgung Palace

This UNESCO World Heritage Site has survived some truly turbulent times. The first five grand palaces were built during the Joseon dynasty. The palace went through a long period of destruction, including bombing and the Japanese occupation (1592). It was finally restored in 1990.

Be sure to visit two of the oldest structures in Seoul: Gyeonghoeru Pavilion and Hyangwonjeong Pond.

The palace compound, which can be explored through a walking tour, houses two museums: the National Palace Museum and the National Folk Museum. Both are worth visiting.

5. Seoraksan National Park

One of the best parts of traveling to South Korea is the nature. Seoraksan National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the country. It features Seoraksan, the tallest mountain in an amazing mountain range that runs through the Eastern side of the country.

There’s no bad time to visit the park. Regardless of what season you visit, it’s beautiful. If you go in the autumn, there are even more reasons to visit because the leaves change color. You will see a whole new side to the park. The park is fun in the summer, but it gets too hot. If you visit after the summer ends, you’ll be able to enjoy the park more.

Seoraksan should be on your list of South Korea tourist attractions. Seoraksan is a popular tourist attraction in South Korea. If you’re a hiker, photographer, or picnic lover, this place should be on your list of places to visit!

6. National Museum of Korea

Seoul has a lot of museums. The largest is the National Museum of Korea. It’s like the Met in New York, but it’s much bigger. It contains all different types of art, from history to archeology. It’s a great place to learn about Korean culture and see how the Korean people have evolved over time.

It’s also a great attraction for visitors who only have a limited amount of time in Seoul. The collection is massive and goes back over a million years. It’s fascinating, especially for families and kids as there’s such a wide range of objects. Everything from stone age tools to modern artwork by Korean artists.

7. Insadong Shopping District (Seoul)

Seoul is filled with great options for shopping. The city is filled with tasty Korean food, which makes it all the better. One of the best features of Seoul is the endless number of shopping opportunities that are available. While you’re in town, you’ll want to shop. You’ll find clothing, beauty products, and souvenirs everywhere. Make sure to bring an extra suitcase back home with you!

Insadong is a special shopping district — instead of typical shops, it’s full of art galleries, antique stores, and intimate tea shops. A variety of people pack this area and it’s great if you need a break from shopping.

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